Important Notice: The Legal Services Act 2017 came fully into effect on 30th December 2022 with the transitional period commencing on that day and which terminated on 31st January 2023. The commencement of the act does not apply to persons falling within the description in s 6(3)(e)(i) of the Act insofar as concerns the undertaking by them of reserved legal activities internally for their employer or any company in the group of companies of which their employer forms part. 
On 1st May 2023, the Chief Justice prescribed the Code of Conduct 2023, which is applicable to Authorised Persons and Law Firms and can be found at 
On this website, you will find:-
  1.  The Application Forms with guidance on how to complete and submit them.
  2.  The Legal Services (Registration and Practising Certificate) Rules 2024 which governs the applications
  3.  The Legal Services (Fees) Notice 2022 which sets out the prescribed fees.
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