Legal Services Act - Part 4 Legal Executives

04 April 2023 | Other

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority brings to the attention of the following persons their obligation to register in Part 4 of the Register of Authorised Persons created by the Legal Services Act 2017 (‘the Act’) and apply for a practising certificate, and draws attention to the extent to which they can provide legal services pursuant to the Act, unless exempt.

The persons in question are Legal Executives meaning Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives holding a valid practising certificate issued by the Institute, who are:

  1. employed by a Law Firm (which for these purposes includes sole practices);
  2. employed by the Government of Gibraltar; or
  3. employed by a statutory authority.

The legal services which such a person can provide are certain “reserved legal activities” in specified circumstances.


A person who carries on or holds himself out as entitled to carry on a reserved legal activity or provide or hold himself out as able to provide a legal service so whilst neither authorised or exempt, commits a criminal offence.

If you fall within the above category or intend to do so or are in any doubt whether you do so, please contact for further information regarding registration, applications for registration and practising certificates, the permitted reserved legal activities and exempt persons.



David Dumas KC

Chief Executive Officer